MENARD VIBRO offers wide solutions for ground improvement that can be an attractive alternatives to deep foundations (i.e. Piles). Our versatile range of technologies includes:

  • Controlled Modulus Columns™.
  • Rapid Impact Compaction.
  • Dynamic Compaction™.
  • Dynamic Replacement™.
  • Menard Vacuum™.
  • Vibro Compaction.
  • Vertical drains.
  • Vibro Replacement (Stones Columns).

MENARD VIBRO evaluates the site and improvement criteria to select the most appropriate ground improvement methods which can be categorized in two types:

  1. Ground Improvement without additional material
    For granular soils (Sand and Gravel), densification is primarily achieved by means of vibration (Vibro Compaction). While for cohesive soils (Clay and Silt), consolidation of soil by pre-loading (Vertical Drains) can significantly be accelerated through the use of a drainage system.

  2. Ground Improvement with additional materials
    These techniques consist of making flexible, rigid or semi-rigid vertical inclusions (columns) in compressible soil layers. These inclusions are laid out following a regular surface grid. The inclusion material is either dry or cohesionless (stone columns and dynamic replacement pillars) or grout based (Controlled Modulus Columns). The resulting soil layer behaves like a composite material with improved engineering characteristics.