Industrial Ponds Remediation

Industrial ponds occupy a lot of space and become saturated over the course of time.

To enable their long-lasting utilization, periodic dredging works or appropriate in-situ treatments are required. In addition, dikes’ stability and water-tightness shall be ensured.

Our assets:

  • Wide range of available technqiues leading to optimized and efficient solutions
  • Variety of dredging and dewatering equipment
  • Alternative techniques to dredging (stabilization/solidification, containment, composting)

Our techniques:

  • Dike reconstruction by waterproofing (Trenchmix process)
  • In-situ stabilization with binders
  • In line dewatering by drain bags, filter presses or centrifuges
  • Hydraulic or mechanical dredging
  • Recycling of dehydrated sediment by biological treatment
  • In situ accelerated consolidation of sludge by sinking vertical drains which can be brought in depression (Ménard vacuum process)
  • Horizontal capping