Deep Pollution Source Excavation

International regulations regarding the management of the polluted soils indicate that removal of the pollution source shall be the first action for all of the remediation works. This often requires implementation of advanced engineering excavation solutions.

With our wide range of specialized equipment and more than 20 years of experience in this field, we ensure efficient and safe at all times work progress.

Our assets:

  • Specialized geotechnical design office
  • Operational reliability and continuous in-house control of retaining techniques
  • Compliance with international standards
  • Procedure design integrating the hazards of pollutant exposure

Our techniques:

  • Temporary soil retaining: slide-rail shoring, soldier-pile walls, sheet piles, secant piles, reinforced soil mixing (Geomix, Trenchmix)
  • Underpinning systems allowing the earthworks under buildings (micro-piles, jet grouting, injection).
  • Polluted soil extraction with large diameter augers
  • Control of excavation dewatering preventing blow-outs and scouring: sand point well, wells, draining trenches
  • HSE: ventilation of excavations, air quality monitoring, operator protection