Water Treatment

Postindustrial sites are often affected by the pollution migrating through the groundwater. In such cases, removal or control of pollution source are not sufficient and water treatment actions need to be applied.

Based on our long lasting experience and innovative, in-house developed technologies, we specialize in the design and implementation of water treatment solutions.

Our Assets

  • Design, based on a the research department working in tune with field observations (observational method).
  • A wide range of techniques allowing to optimize the investment / operating cost ratio for each project
  • Outstanding reactivity in the works phase thanks to in-house control of on-site facilities
  • Innovative Design
  • Wide range of available techniques, allowing use of complex and optimized solutions
  • Quality control and detailed monitoring at each stage of work progress

 Our Techniques

  • Excavation dewatering with an embankment or retaining wall
  • Hydraulic containment: sand point well, filter wells, draining trenches
  • Vertical and horizontal containment: slurry walls with or without geomembrane, soil mixing walls without spoil (Trenchmix®, Geomix®)
  • Suspended wall acting as a floating phase skimmer
  • Serviceable Permeable Reactive Barrier with filtering cartridge gate or reactive zone using soil mixing
  • Pump & Treat from 5 to 250 m³/hour: physical-chemical and biological treatment plants, filtration on activated carbon, lamella separator, filter press, centrifuges
  • In situ oxidation or reduction by permeation grouting