Site Redevelopment

The redevelopment of postindustrial sites, which have faced exposure to various pollutants, is often a major challenge for site owners and spatial planners. With our innovative approach, strong technical background and the ability to propose complex solution - from know-how to execution, we have a solid experience in the soil and water depollution treatments.

Our assets:

  • Wide range of on-site and in situ treatment solutions
  • The operational reliability of a large group
  • All-inclusive offers granting the delivery of turnkey platforms (from demolition/ clean-up to clean-up/geotechnical improvement of the soil

Our Techniques:

  • Volume Reduction by screening and washing
  • On-site biological treatment
  • In-situ chemical stabilization treatment
  • Mechanical extraction treatment for volatile compounds
  • Skimming in excavations or boreholes (ODS process), multiphase extraction
  • In-situ oxidation/reduction/ stabilization through 
    • TAMSOL injection


    • Soil Mixing:

    • On site containment (soil, vapors, water)