Menard Vibro together with Sol Environment are working together in the remediation field. We operate in 4 main fields of expertise:

  • Polluted site remediation to the purpose of redevelopment : oxidation, reduction, solidification/stabilization, biological treatment, excavation,
  • Deep pollution source excavation including sources located underneath existing buildings,
  • Groundwater cleanup including in situ treatment of source zones and plume control,
  • Industrial ponds and lagoons remediation including sludge dewatering and treatment.
  • Range of services for job site effluent treatment (dewatering wastes, sludge, polluted soils)

We offer soil remediation solutions, which are applicable to commercial and residential sectors and industrial activities (oil and gas, chemical, heavy metals, mining, and more).

We have an interdisciplinary team, which works together to combine value engineering with innovative techniques to deliver practical, sustainable remediation solutions. Our project are designed to save time and cost,

From the early stage of projects, we provide full technical support, we analyze the available data and carry out our own investigation to be able to accompany our clients in the development of each project. From first study to the execution, Menard Vibro and Sol Environment have one objective: delivering the best solution for the satisfaction of our clients and help to reduce overall project cost in a safe and economic manner.

For all remediation related inquiries, please contact Natalia Rucinska, (+90 530176 8445)