The Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) technique is used to improve the soil characteristics of a compressible soil layer on a global scale and to reduce its compressibility by use of semi-rigid soil reinforcement columns. Unlike a piling solution which is designed to support the entire load of the structure on the piles, the objective of a CMC solution is to increase the stiffness of the soil mass to globally reduce both total and differential settlements by distributing the load of the structure between the soils and the CMCs.

Part of the load of a structure is transferred to the competent underlying layers through the Controlled
Modulus Columns the improved soil mass thus behaves as a composite soil/cement ground improvement system with enhanced stiffness characteristics. The entire process is vibration free and does not generate any spoil at the surface which allows a cleaner job environment and limits the risk of contamination.


  • Well adapted to high uniform surface loading with strict settlement requirements
  • Virtually less spoil thus, no need to dispose the contaminated soils, which results in cleaner project sites.
  • Very high production outputs
  • No limitation in use for any type of compressible soils, including soils with significant organic content (Peat and Organic clays)
  • The technique is vibration free and can be used in the close vicinity of sensitive structures.
  • Uniformly supports slabs–on-grade and shallow foundations and retraining walls.