Ports & Airports

Ports & airports are very often developed on new reclaimed territories due to cope with the lack of large unused areas onshore. Construction projects at ports and airports therefore involve vast amounts of land area and volume.

Often the land needed is reclaimed from wetlands or in water by using dredged or imported fill materials which presents a challenge for the engineer to identify an economical means to improve such large quantities of soil while coping for tight planning and cost limitations.

MENARD VIBRO provides solutions allowing for a global improvement of the ground conditions to tackle the issues that may be encountered.


  • Self–bearing of fill.
  • Increase surface bearing capacity.
  • Mitigation of liquefaction risk in case of seismic event.
  • Settlement control throughout the life of the facilities (total and differential).


  • Ports and shipyard.
  • Airports.
  • Large reclamation projects (artificial islands, territory extension, etc.).