Roads & Railways

For transportation engineers, it is often difficult to avoid building on highly compressible soils. For example, in the case of crossing wetlands and rivers or Sabkha areas, it is necessary to consolidate the in-situ soil in order to avoid slope failure of the future road embankments during construction and long term total and differential settlements.

Specifically, approach embankments which lead to bridge structures are sensitive parts and can produce critical loads in subsurface soils up to 20t/m². The designs for these foundations often require intensive treatment to improve the soils.


  • Reduce long-term total and differential settlement.
  • Guarantee circular stability of high embankments.
  • Self-bearing of fill.
  • Increase surface bearing capacity.
  • Liquefaction mitigation (seismic areas).


  • Roads.
  • Embankments.
  • Railways.
  • Bridge Abutments.
  • Buried Utilities.
  • Parking Structures.
  • Stations and Terminals.