Oil & Gas – Industrial

Oil & Gas developments, power & desalination plants in addition to the heavy industrial developments are commonly known as the most challenging projects due to their high complexity, very short periods allowed for construction, their structural aspects and the size of the developments. While very often developed in remote areas and on territories featuring difficult ground conditions, such projects require intensive foundation works to accommodate stringent requirements in terms of performance and planning.

MENARD VIBRO soil improvement solutions can be successfully implemented in most of the oil & gas and industrial developments to tackle globally the soil related issues and allow for a safe construction of the facilities “on good ground”. Works can be carried out ahead of the completion of the final engineering, before final foundation plan is available, and allows building foundation anywhere on the area improved, thus shortening the overall construction period.

By offering design & build solutions with its full range of techniques,
MENARD VIBRO answers fully to the problematic of the Oil, Gas and Industrial developments by providing a complete range of solutions that can be combined to adapt any soil and project conditions.


  • Control the total and differential settlement.
  • Increase the factor of safety against soil bearing capacity failure.
  • Reduce the risk of liquefaction the soils in case of seismic event.
  • Minimize the construction schedule.


  • Oil and Gas Terminals.
  • Refineries.
  • Tanks and pipelines.
  • Power Plants.
  • Desalination plants, Waste Water Treatment Plant, sewage, etc.
  • Heavy industrial developments, material producing plant (Carbon, Aluminum, Steel etc.)
  • Mining developments.
  • Manufacturing plant.